The Rise of the Previs of Planet of the ApesSeptember, 20th, 2011
In this in-depth article from FX Guide, PLF's Duane Floch shares his contributions to the previs and postvis process on Rise of the Planet of the Apes. As overall Previs Supervisor on the film, Duane served as the key conduit between six separate previs companies and the film's producer and director while also supervising PLF's previs and postvis efforts on Rise of the Apes. His interview with FX Guide lends valuable insights into the uniquely important role previs and postvis served on a movie where the main characters were 100% digitally created.


Bringing Soul To A Dark Video Game WorldAugust, 30th, 2011
An inside look from SHOOT about Kia's "Share Some Soul" commercial which made its broadcast premiere at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. PLF was brought on by Method to help director Mark Romanek's vision for the commercial come to life. Duane Floch lead a very talented team that was able to previs the entire spot in two weeks.


Thesps Ape Simian Movements for PicAugust, 2nd, 2011
Terry Notary talks to variety about three of the apes he played in "Rise of the Planet of the Apes." PLF's Duane Floch is also interviewed about the company's essential role in the film. Working with Weta's vfx team, Notary relied on extensive pre-visualizations from PLF, who was brought into the process by "Apes" co-producer and vfx producer, Kurt Williams. PLF created more than 2,000 shots for the film, which were vetted by Wyatt, sent to Weta to help the studio with its bidding process, and to editorial to inform the cutting of the film. They also eased anxieties among studio execs.


Green Lantern - Making OfJuly, 22nd, 2011
CGSociety article about the making of Green Lantern, which highlights PLF's previsualization efforts for the film.


PLF Uses Vicon System on Green LanternJuly, 14th, 2011
Check out PLF's custom Virtual Camera used for Green Lantern in this Vicon Press Release!


Green Lantern: Sony suits upJuly, 7th, 2011
fx guide speaks with members of the Sony Pictures Imageworks team responsible for bringing many of the Green Lantern visual effects to the screen.


Creating Tony StarkNovember, 2nd, 2010
Perception and Pixel Liberation Front combine C4D and After Effects to create Tony Stark's world.


PLF and AvatarMay, 5th, 2010
PLF Creative Director Stephen Lawes talks in the Adobe video about creating final shots for Avatar.


Pixel Liberation Front AMPs Up AvatarDecember, 29th, 2009
For AVATAR, PLF was charged with designing and animating the monitors and HUDs for the fleet of military aircraft and some set-extension composites. In all, they delivered more than 220 shots.


A Previsualization Society is BornSeptember, 29th, 2009
Previs practitioners form their own society and VFXWorld has the exclusive.


Iron Man - Making ofJune, 2nd, 2008
CGSociety article about the making of Iron Man highlights PLF's previsualization and HUD effects supervision efforts for the film.


Summer Previs to the RescueMay, 30th, 2008
Bill Desowitz from Animation World Network gets the exclusive, in-depth lowdown on the indispensible previs for Iron Man, Speed Racer and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.


The Digital 50November, 12th, 2007
The Producers Guild of America has selected its Digital 50, which recognizes the producers and innovators who distinguished themselves in the realm of digital storytelling. Among them PLF's Executive Producer Sean Cushing.


Pre-viz carves out niches on setApril, 12th, 2007
Sean Cushing talks to Variety about the use of previs directly on film sets.


Interview with Colin GreenApril, 1st, 2007
Founder of Pixel Liberation Front Colin Green talks about the history of previs and its importance as a creative tool for filmmakers.


Superman Returns: The Passion of the VFXJuly, 6th, 2006
Bill Desowitz reports on the challenges and accomplishments met by several participating vfx studios including Pixel Liberation Front.


Superman Returns VFXJune, 14th, 2006
Andy Jones, Raul Moreno, Kent Seki and Tanissa Potrovitza talk about creating the Flight Demo sequence for Superman Returns.


Superman Returns PrevisualizationMay, 5th, 2006
Lead Previs artists Chris Batty and Kyle Robinson talk about creating Previsualization for Superman Returns.


Making of Stay AliveMarch, 6th, 2006
Interviews with the visual effects crew of PLF about creating cg effects for Stay Alive.


The Rapidly Growing World of Indie PrevisJanuary, 25th, 2006
A report on the burgeoning previs industry with six interviews from leading indie companies.


Interview with Kent SekiNovember, 9th, 2004
PLF Creative Director Kent Seki talks about VFX work for Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.